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Cooling centers activated Thursday (7/21) and Friday (7/22)

Local meteorologists are predicting heat index temperatures in the low 100s Thursday and Friday, triggering this year’s first activation of the It’s a Cool Thing to Do program.

Under the program, when meteorologists determine that heat and humidity are reaching dangerous levels in mid-Michigan, A Cool Thing To Do is activated. Community organizations and businesses become Cooling Centers to welcome those who do not have air conditioning at home.

Free rides to cooling centers are available to those with a physical and financial need through CATA, EATRAN and Clinton Area Transit.

To find a cooling center or to determine if they are eligible for a free ride, area residents should dial 2-1-1.
During extreme heat conditions everyone is urged to spend at least a few hours a day in a cool place. This is even more important for the elderly and those with chronic health conditions. Take care of yourself and others in the heat.

As a rule of thumb, heat index temperatures of 93-102 degrees will warrant a “condition orange—heat alert,” and 103 degrees and above will establish a “condition red—heat warning.” Meteorologists will also take other factors into consideration, such as the length of time that temperatures are expected to remain high, when making the determination.

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